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iPhone 4S $75.00
iPhone 4S

iPhone 4s 8GB, White and Black available.


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iPhone 5C $90.00
iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C 8GB Pink 

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iPhone 5S $150.00
iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S 16GB. Space Gray, Silver, and Gold available.

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iPhone 6S $250.00
iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S 16GB Space Gray 

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iPhone 6S Plus $350.00
iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6s Rose Gold 64GB 

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iPhone 7  $449.99
iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Silver 32GB, BRAND NEW IN BOX. 

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iPhone 7 $350.00
iPhone 7

iPhone 7 32GB, Space Gray, Gold and Silver available

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iPhone 7 $399.00
iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Jet Black 128GB 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/iphone 7 128gb jet balck.jpg
iPhone 7 Plus $375.00
iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Space Gray 

iPhone 7 Plus $400.00
iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Space Gray 128GB 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/iphone 7 plus 128.jpg
iPhone 8 $450.00
iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Silver 64GB 

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Samsung S3 $75.00
Samsung S3

Samsung S3 Blue and White available 

Samsung S4 $100.00
Samsung S4

Samsung S4 Black and White available 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/samsung s4 colors.jpg
Samsung S5 $125.00
Samsung S5

Samsung S5 Black 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/samsugn s5 black.jpg
Samsung S6 $175.00
Samsung S6

Samsung S6 White, Gold and Blue available 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/samsung s6 colors.jpg
Samsung S6 Edge $200.00
Samsung S6 Edge

Samsung S6 Edge Blue 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/samsung s6 edge color.jpg
Samsung S7 $275.00
Samsung S7

Samsung S7 Gold and Black available 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/samsung s7 colors.jpg
Samsung S8 $425.00
Samsung S8

Samsung S8 64GB Orchid Gray and Black available 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/samsugn s8 colors.jpg
Samsung S8 Plus $499.00
Samsung S8 Plus

Samsung S8 Plus Silver

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/samsung s8 silver.png
Samsung Note 4 $200.00
Samsung Note 4

Samsung Note 4 Black 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/note 4.1.jpg
Samsung Note 5 $300.00
Samsung Note 5

Samsung Note 5 Black 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/note 5 black.png
Samsung Note 8 $499.00
Samsung Note 8

Samsung Note 8 64GB Black 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/note 8.jpg
Motorola Z2 Force $350.00
Motorola Z2 Force

Motorola Z2 Force, BRAND NEW IN BOX 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/moto z2 force.jpg
Motorola Z3 Play $300.00
Motorola Z3 Play

Motorola Z3 Play 

http://newyswireless.com/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/moto z3 play.jpg

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